Lecture in Jerusalem, 23/7

About jonathanspyer

Jonathan Spyer is a Middle East analyst, author and journalist specializing in the areas of Israel, Syria and broader issues of regional strategy. He is the director of the Middle East Center for Reporting and analysis (MECRA), a research fellow at the Jerusalem Institute for strategy and Security (JISS) and a Fellow at the Middle East Forum.
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3 Responses to Lecture in Jerusalem, 23/7

  1. Ruth Hirt says:

    Thorough analysis on the background, and the current trend in the MiddleEast. Enough to educate a zero-informed man-on-the-street.

    What actually fuel the fervor of the maniacal IS, I heard and read once, they are fed drugs before their day of offensive. What could be possible measures to be undertaken by the non-Islamist proxies(?) or even the West, should Afghanistan, Pakistan and other known sympathizers of Islamists be watched over their potentials supplying or indirect provision of the ”stuff” to vicious jihadists?

  2. Jonathan Karmi says:

    Great overview. Crystal ball anyone? Headlines from 2025 – the Islamic State takes its place on the UNHRC. Recep Tayyip Erdogan begins a 10 year term as Sultan of Turkey. Iran tests its first nuclear device. The US President says “all options are on the table”.

  3. This overview gives I suspect much new information and perspective even to most knowledgable students of Middle Eastern realities. Jonathan Spyer is as far as I can tell the world’s leading expert on what is happening now in the Middle East.
    This talk by the way without focusing on this reveals how disastrous American policy in the Middle East has been, and has dangerous and stupid the nuclear deal with Iran is and will be.

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