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The Resurgence of the Regimes in the Arab World

PJ Media, 19/7: The toppling of the Muslim Brotherhood power in Egypt by the army is an event of historic importance. It is important chiefly because it represents an enormous setback in a process which only a few months ago … Continue reading

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Wars within Wars in northern Syria

Jerusalem Post, 19/7: A senior figure in the Free Syrian Army this week said that al Qaeda in Syria were preparing to declare an ‘Islamic state’ in rebel-held northern Syria. This announcement came in the course of a frenetic period … Continue reading

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Lebanon shaken by car bomb in Dahiyeh

Jerusalem Post, 12/7. A car bomb exploded on Tuesday of this week in the Bir al-Abed neighborhood of south Beirut. At least 53 people were wounded. There were no fatalities. The bomb left a crater 2 meters deep. Bir al-Abed … Continue reading

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Power and the Arab Revolutions – some thoughts on the latest events in Egypt

The latest events in Egypt confirm one of the salient patterns that have governed the upheavals in the Arab world of the last years. This is the troubling but unmistakable fact that despite all the chatter about peoples’ power, democracy, … Continue reading

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