Jonathan Spyer is a Middle East analyst, author and journalist specializing in the Levant and Iraq. He is the director of the Middle East Center for Reporting and Analysis (MECRA),  a  Research Fellow at the Jerusalem Center for Strategy and Security and a Fellow at the Middle East Forum.

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  1. Greetings,
    Just had a communication with Barry and he suggested I contact you about your new book-happy to interview you and/or promote the book on one of my blogs-all the best-don

  2. ms says:

    To me, Isreal’s most imminent threat is a massive rocket attack from Hizballah. The flight times are so short, Iron Dome does not help.
    I’ve not heard of anything available now (David’s Sling is in the future) in Isreal for the threat described below.

    The American Centurion is basically the Phalanx naval gun system with new software that enables it to take data from other radar systems, and shoot down just about any kind of artillery shell or rocket within range.

    There is the possibility of a first strike massive missle attack from Hizballah. The Centurion seems to be the best method of knocking down short range missles with short flight times.

    Isreal has, I’ve heard, only one Centurion. Surely the Isreali military people can see it’s useful.

    Why isn’t Isreal, on a priority basis, buying these from the US in a large quanitity to protect the northern border?

    Thanks. By the way, you have written some very informative articles about Isreal, etc.

    But one other question- you wrote that even though Erdogan of Turkey hates Isreal, Isreal and Turkey can work through that. But I separately read awhile ago, the Turkish population hates Isreal and the US, as the controlled media teaches them. So how can Isreal solve that with a country that wants an apology for ambushing Isreali commandos in that flotilla incident?


  3. igor.eve@verizon.net says:

    Mr . Spyer , I just finished reading your book “Transforming fire..”.
    I am very much impressed by the depth and clarity of your analysis.
    I am going to recommend it to all my friends and acquaintances.

    • Igor – I’m really glad you enjoyed the book and found it interesting, and thanks for the recommendation.

      • David Shelton says:

        Just read your piece about the Free Syrian Army (021912). One question I can’t find the answer to, is what happens to the relatives of those deserters who have moved into the FSA? Do they typically secure their family in a safe area before they make the move, or are there cases of their families paying the price for their actions.

  4. Dear Mr. Spyer,

    Your report on Syrian Kurds, good report; however, there are a few issues with it:
    1- Kurds of Syria >20%; Damascus alone has one million Kurds, Alpeo has 1.2 Million Kurds.
    2- Kurdish region of Syria, Mesopotamia area (Aljazeera now days divided between Der alzowr, Hassakah, Raqa) has > 2.5 millions.
    3- There are many Kurds in Hama and else where were they have been Arabized.
    4- Kurds want Federalism and have no link to Turkish Kurds or their model.
    5- Kurdish organization / an umberla / platform organization called Kurdistan National Assembly of Syria has been working on the Kurdish issues for many years.
    6-Here is what Kurds want:
    Kurdistan National Assembly of Syria appeals to the international community to declare Syrian regime as illegitimate regime and support the Syrian revolution and democratic groups working inside Syria.
    Turning Syria into a federal state, with a democratic system to structure the federal government and provincial governments, will start a new era in which the Syrian people and neighboring countries will enjoy freedom, peace, security and stability.


    Sherkoh Abbas, President
    Kurdistan National Assembly of Syria

  5. hagay says:

    Hello dear friend, please i need you email because i will send email to all those who make good actions against the israeli situation , those books who are so important to wake up people and help see the problem. i will send soon email for all of the people who help to stop this stupid situation. please send me you email to me email hagayhen@walla.com many thankx and good work dear friend. Hagay H

  6. Michael Ross says:

    Jonathan – I just finished reading The Transforming Fire, which you signed for me at the San Diego Book Fair. I commend you on a brilliant analysis of the conflict and how it has evolved over the decades. I just hope that Netanyahu and Barak share your strategy for victory over the Islamists desire to destroy us.

  7. Paige Kollock says:

    Mr. Spyer,
    Need to get in touch with you re: interview request. Pls reply to my email. Thank you.

  8. Hi Jonathan – are you planning a trip to North America in the Spring? My group, The Speakers Action Group, are interested in having you speak at one of our speaking engagements – you can see us at http://www.speakersaction.com – I heard you speak last year at LIpa Green building of Jewish Federation in Toronto – we have had Barry Rubin on several occasions – he spoke over Skype to us in October and you came to Toronto shortly after. Let me know if you are planning on coming…and the cost of your honourarium and other costs involved?
    Shirley Anne Haber

  9. I am starting to read the last chapter of “The Transforming Fire”. A great book. And as Igor, see above, I recommended it to all my friends who share an interest in the subject.

  10. Dear Jonathan, I left a comment several days ago on your latest post about Sunni Islam as the background to the Arab-Israeli conflict. Now, today, I came back and I find that the comment is still “awaiting moderation.” Do you think you will be getting around to moderation of the comment sometime soon?

  11. L. J. Winn says:

    Dr. Spyer:
    What are your thoughts about
    (a) the perspective of self-described secular Sunni Iraqis that western air force strikes against ISIL, unaccompanied by constraints on Iranian and Iraqi Shia militia power in Sunni areas of Iraq, inevitably drive Sunnis to support ISIL for protection against Shia abuses, and
    (b) the viewpoint that western air strikes against ISIL unavoidably kill civilians and are perceived as Christendom’s alliance with Iran.

  12. Hi jonathan,
    Would you be available to give a lecture at the Christians for Israel International leadership conference
    6th March 2019
    At 10am
    In Jerusalem

    Let me know. Thanks!

    Andrew Tucker

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