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Syria’s new diplomacy

Jerusalem Post, 14/8 Iran and Saudi Arabia have tabled rival peace plans for Syria, but their aims are irreconcilable and no end to the conflict is in sight. As the civil war over the ruins of Syria grinds on into … Continue reading

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The Teheran Formula

PJMedia, 1/8 In late June, I traveled to Iraq with the purpose of investigating the role being played by the Iranian-supported Shia militias in that country. Close observation of the militias, their activities, and their links to Tehran is invaluable … Continue reading

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Erdogan’s Bait and Switch in Northern Syria

Jerusalem Post, 31/7 The latest events in northern Syria constitute a bold move by the Turkish leadership to deal with a most pressing problem, from their point of view. That problem is not the continued existence of the Assad regime, … Continue reading

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