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The Sleepwalkers

PJMedia, 26/7 The terror attacks in Nice, Wurzburg and Normandy are the latest manifestations of what should now be seen as a still fairly low-level Islamist insurgency taking place in a number of west European countries. The fact that this … Continue reading

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The Number in the Darkness

19/7 On the night of August 9, 2006, our unit was ordered to cross the border and  commence an operation into Marj Ayoun and El Khiam.  It was the conclusion of a period of several days in which we had … Continue reading

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Islamic State shifts strategy

Jerusalem Post, 8/7 ISIS’s pretensions to statehood are receding as it loses ground, but the organization is anything but defeated as a recent string of mass terror attacks shows. The latest wave of bombings by Islamic State confirm a pattern long … Continue reading

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