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Game on: The New Strategy of the US and its allies in the Middle East

Jerusalem Post, 25/5 Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s outlining of 12 conditions that Iran would need to meet in order to make possible a new nuclear deal amounts to a call for the wholesale reversal of Iranian regional strategy.  The … Continue reading

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Whoever you vote for – Hezbollah Wins

Jerusalem Post, 11/05 Lebanon’s May 6 elections have resulted in the further consolidation of Hezbollah and its associated movements within the legal frameworks of the state. The movement and its allies won over half of the seats in the 128-seat … Continue reading

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The Waiting Period

Australian, 11/5 It is spring in Israel. On the face of it, all appears normal. Yet underlying the everyday is the hint of tension. The low buzz that presages violent events. We know it well in Israel and it has … Continue reading

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