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Hizballah vs. ISIS. vs. Israel

Jerusalem Post, 2/12 Two incidents this week showcase the complexity of the challenges facing Israel on its northern front. In the first, an air strike killed four members of the Islamic State-affiliated Khalid Ibn al-Walid Brigade after a patrol of … Continue reading

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Syria’s Interlocking Conflicts

Jerusalem Post, 11/11 The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces last Friday announced the commencement of an operation to conquer the northern Syrian city of Raqqa.  The operation was designated ‘Euphrates Wrath.’ Raqqa is the capital of the ‘Caliphate’ maintained by the … Continue reading

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Battle for Power: Iran vs. Turkey in northern Iraq  

  Jerusalem Post, 4/11 The Iraqi special forces have now entered the first neighborhoods of the city of Mosul.  Captured by the Islamic State in the summer of 2014, the city constitutes the jewel in the crown of the Sunni … Continue reading

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Tremor in Yemen

Jerusalem Post, 21/10 Tremor in Yemen The Yemeni civil war, in which an Iran-supported Shia militia, the Ansar Allah movement (the ‘Houthis’) is clashing with a Saud- led coalition supporting the government of President  Abd Rabbo Mansur al-Hadi,  is largely … Continue reading

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A House Divided

The Australian, 8/10 (originally published under the title ‘A Malaise that’s Destroying Iraq’) Mosul in early autumn looks peaceful from the Bashiqa ridge. The first positions of the Iraqi Kurdish army, the Peshmerga, are here, 12km from the city. The … Continue reading

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Beyond Mosul

A version of this article appears in the current edition of the Jerusalem Report magazine. 25/9 Black smoke was rising from the Qayara oilfelds as the refugees huddled in the shade.  They had arrived that morning – from ISIS controlled … Continue reading

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Turkey’s Next Move

Jerusalem Post, 2/9 The Turkish incursion into the north Syrian town of Jarabulus and its environs, which began on August 24, is the latest dramatic re-shuffling of the deck in a long and agonizing conflict. But what is its deeper … Continue reading

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