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A House Divided

The Australian, 8/10 (originally published under the title ‘A Malaise that’s Destroying Iraq’) Mosul in early autumn looks peaceful from the Bashiqa ridge. The first positions of the Iraqi Kurdish army, the Peshmerga, are here, 12km from the city. The … Continue reading

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Beyond Mosul

A version of this article appears in the current edition of the Jerusalem Report magazine. 25/9 Black smoke was rising from the Qayara oilfelds as the refugees huddled in the shade.  They had arrived that morning – from ISIS controlled … Continue reading

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Turkey’s Next Move

Jerusalem Post, 2/9 The Turkish incursion into the north Syrian town of Jarabulus and its environs, which began on August 24, is the latest dramatic re-shuffling of the deck in a long and agonizing conflict. But what is its deeper … Continue reading

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Who Should Rule Syria? Nobody.

The Spectator, 19/8 The long civil war in Syria is still far from conclusion. Any real possibility of rebel victory ended with the entry of Russian forces last autumn — but while the initiative is now with the Assad regime, … Continue reading

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As of 16/8, my Facebook account has been reinstated.  The power of positive thinking evidently works wonders.  Much thanks to all.

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Israel’s Virtual Security Zone

Jerusalem Post, 12/08 Cautious and prudent Israeli policy has largely succeeded over the last five years in sealing off the Syrian civil war from Israel’s territory.  This has been achieved through the careful cultivation of a working relationship with rebel … Continue reading

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  Recently my Facebook profile, on which I was connected to around 5000 people, was closed down by Facebook. This has had some impact on my ability to do my job as a researcher and journalist, tho I have since … Continue reading

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