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All is not quiet on the northern Front between Israel and Syria/Lebanon.

PJmedia, 27/2. Co-authored with Benjamin Weinthal The recent Hezbollah attack on an Israel Defense Forces convoy in the Har Dov area close to Israel’s border with Lebanon, in which two Israeli soldiers were killed, was the latest move in a … Continue reading

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Hizballah, Iran, Assad offensive against southern ‘buffer zone’ near the Golan Heights  

Jerusalem Post, 13/2 A force consisting of Hizballah fighters, Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Syrian regime soldiers launched an offensive this week  south west  of Damascus, in the direction of Quneitra province and the Golan Heights.   Their aim is to regain … Continue reading

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Victory in Kobani: a major achievement –  but hard to replicate

Jerusalem Post, 301 The near-complete liberation of the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani this week from the forces of the Islamic State is a remarkable testimony to the tenacity and courage of the Kurdish resistance on the ground.  It also … Continue reading

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Yemen Joins List of Collapsed Mideast States

PJmedia, 23/1 This week in Yemen, an Iran-backed Shia militia captured the presidential palace. The president has since resigned. It was the latest stage in the slow advance of the Houthis, who entered the capital Sana’a in September of last … Continue reading

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Game Not Over: the Quneitra Attack in Context

Jerusalem Post, 23/1. In analyzing the significance and hence likely fallout from the  Israeli killing of a number of senior Hizballah and IRGC personnel close to the Golan border this week, a number of things should be borne in mind: … Continue reading

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4 Jews Killed in Paris Attack Buried in Israel

Weekly Standard, 14/1 Under a cloudless Jerusalem sky, a crowd of thousands gathered at the cemetery at Givat Shaul on Tuesday, to bury the four Jews murdered at the Hyper Cacher in Paris. Yoav Hattab, Yohan Cohen, Philippe Braham, and … Continue reading

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Reflections on the Murders in Paris

PJmedia, 12/1 The Islamic world is currently in the midst of a great historic convulsion. This process is giving birth to political trends and movements of a murderously violent nature. These movements offer a supposed escape route from the humiliation … Continue reading

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